Why people stay in hazardous areas…

One of my friends send me a note that people stay in hazardous areas just because it is their home. It makes sense. However if your home becomes a mass grave then the sense dissapears. The home is gone. I feel that I dwell into something that is outside of my geologic background. Social science? Demography? Politics? In 1935, after deadly Florida hurricane, Ernest Hemingway wrote a heartbreaking article “Who murdered the Vets?” He wrote there: “…..Who sent nearly a thousand war veterans, many of them husky, hard-working and simply out of luck, but many of them close to the border of pathological cases, to live in frame shacks on the Florida Keys in hurricane months? …..It is hurricane months, sure, but if anything comes up, you can always evacuate them, can’t you?” Uganda is not a Florida and we are not living in 1935. But does this makes human matters different?

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