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Coming back from Nametsi and Butaleja: more questions than answers …

After spending two weeks on mapping floodplains and landslides, measuring river discharges we return back to New York. I always ask students in my geology class when we discuss hydrology:”What do you thinkI do first when I come back home to … Continue reading

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Nametsi Landslide

For the past three days we were scrambling along the western flank of Mt. Elgon to map villages affected by the Nametsi landslide and the landslide itself. Nametsi is a tiny village with few hundred people, most residing now in … Continue reading


Papirus paradise

We continued our survey of floodplains within the watershed of Manafwa River. In fact, we drove yesterday to the upper reaches of this river to the area of our next geologic investigation – landslides in Nametsi village located on the slopes … Continue reading

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Living with floods …

After we arrived in Mbale we spend three days working with our team from John Hopkins University scouting area of Butaleja county (pronounced as Bu-ta-le-ja), mapping roads and selecting villages for mortality and injury survey. We found that UN data … Continue reading

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mysterious way of earning shillings (UGX)

07/08/2010 – throughout past six days of Buteleja, Uganda as we travel through the villages we saw women, kids of age 5 and up or even yonger working in the field, carring water, carring woods, taking the cows to the field, etc.  On the other … Continue reading

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First days in Uganda

After layover in London we arrived in Uganda. The weather was wonderful, dry and warm, much better than in New York that we left couple days ago. From the Entebbe airport we headed toward Kampala and after meeting our team … Continue reading