First days in Uganda

After layover in London we arrived in Uganda. The weather was wonderful, dry and warm, much better than in New York that we left couple days ago. From the Entebbe airport we headed toward Kampala and after meeting our team from John Hopkins University we loaded into jeeps and hit the road to Mbale. We drove through tea plantations and rice fields, passing road markets and villages. It seems that Uganda leaves on the road strip, continuous and wavy, filled by people walking, biking, hanging to the trucks, motorcycles, carts, everything that can move and carry them and their goods to some unknown destination. Bananas, green and yellow, sugar cane, dry grass, cassava, goats and chicken, sorgum, rice and charcoal filled the road with bright colors and variety of textures. We arrived in Mbale at night.

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2 Responses to First days in Uganda

  1. Lakisha says:

    Hi, I am a lehman student Majoring in African/African American Studies and I enjoyed reading the first post and cannot wait to read more. I hope to visit Uganda someday, but for now I will vicariously live through your experience. I hope you post lots of pictures. Enjoy.

    • gorokhovich says:

      Dear Lakisha,

      Thanks for your e-mail! We will be happy to share with you our experience and ideas when we get back. We will be coming back to NY on July 18th. Meantime we will be posting more photos.

      Cheers –

      Yuri and Tahjib

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