mysterious way of earning shillings (UGX)

07/08/2010 – throughout past six days of Buteleja, Uganda as we travel through the villages we saw women, kids of age 5 and up or even yonger working in the field, carring water, carring woods, taking the cows to the field, etc.  On the other side men were spending time at the village trading center chatting with each other.  So we began to wonder, did the men of these villages have any work?  Shocking to know that majority of the men of these villages were carring passangers on the bicycle and motorcycle to earn living.  One would never be able to figure out that bicycles and motorcycles were used as a method of  trasportation to carry passanger in order to earn living.  There we few men worked in the rice field and few were business oriented as they owned rice mills.

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