Papirus paradise

We continued our survey of floodplains within the watershed of Manafwa River. In fact, we drove yesterday to the upper reaches of this river to the area of our next geologic investigation – landslides in Nametsi village located on the slopes of the Elgon Mountain. Manafwa River also starts there and then feeds the great Nile. Of course, the whole egyptian history was on my mind; Queen Hatshepsut, Ramses, ancient priests telling story of Atlantis, pyramids and papyrus scrolls. In one of our survey areas we suddenly entered the kingdom of papyrus plants, beautiful and gracious in their movement over swampy bogs and lakes. I imagined our ancient ancestors cutting papyrus and making the first prototype of the paper we use now.  The written history abruptly became digital in our computerized age.  We replaced paper with silicon chips. What is the next? Papyrus stands in front of me were silent and mellow.

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One Response to Papirus paradise

  1. Leonid Tsvitman says:

    Hi Yuri, it’s Leo, I’m very impressed with the pictures. How are you doing? I heard today about the explosion, let me know if your alright. Hello from me, Irina, and Michelle. 🙂

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